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The Vulcan V740HT MAX Pickleball Paddle is Team Vulcan Pro Jay Devilliers’ signature model.

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Features Jay’s favorite modern shape with extended handle, perfect for two-handed backhands, extra reach, and more leverage on drives, serves and overheads. Produces maximum power while delivering exceptional all-around feel and control. Features iTRAC Surface Grit for spin and CHAN-LOCK Edge System for an enlarged sweet spot. Designed for singles and doubles. Engineered with remarkable balance so it feels and plays much lighter than its actual mass. Vulcan Max Control Grip at 5-1/2″ length (4-L/8″ circumference). Made to a popular weight of 8.3 oz. (+/- 0.2). Available in Royal Circuit design in blue and white with JD Signature Edition emblem. Individually handcrafted in USA and includes a dated and code-numbered certificate attesting to the paddle’s completion and final inspection.

Core: StateraCore polypropylene
Surface: V-Skin System
Thickness: 13mm
Texture: HiTRAC Surface Grit
Edge Guard: CHAN-LOCK Edge System
Length: 16 1/2″
Width: 7 1/4″
Weight: 8.3 oz
Grip Length: 4 3/4″
Shape: Elongated

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