Performance Pickleball - Pickleball Paradise in Richmond Virginia


Thank you to all who have committed to joining the Performance Team via membership. We realize that the membership levels can be a bit complex, but we have earnestly tried to create something for everybody. Along those lines, Pickle Paradise belongs to you, so please don’t be shy about offering ideas for additions to those membership options. We want each of you to have an ideal experience at an affordable price! There is fluidity to a project like this, and we recognize that. Below is a more extensive breakdown of what every tier offers.

Elite Team

The Elite Team membership is crafted for the pickleball obsessed player. With unlimited play, you’ll never pay court fees, which creates the greatest player value despite having the highest monthly price. If you were to play two hours a day as a non-member 20 days a month, you would pay $240 a month. Essentially, this package is geared to the player that plays four or more times a week. Plus, with the ability to schedule seven days in advance, Elite Team members have the first opportunity to set their ideal schedule each week. And Elite Team membership comes with the greatest discount on leagues and tournaments. This membership tier will be capped at 100 (30% already reserved), because quite frankly the value is too great to give away!

Family Elite Team

To expand upon the Elite Team Membership, the Family Elite Team membership is designed for the avid pickleball couple or family. Delivering even more value for two players at $199 a month, your family gets all the benefits of an Elite Team membership at an even greater value (It is possible!). Plus, at just $10 a month per child (23 and under), the value grows greater for each member of the family that is added. This membership tier will be capped at 50 families (20% already reserved), as again, the value is too great!

Corporate Elite Team

Get your company out and active by joining the Corporate Elite Team. The greatness of this membership option is in its flexibility. It is essentially an interchangeable season ticket to PPBRVA. For each membership reserved, you could send one employee or client per day. So, if you have an avid pickleball player on your staff, they can play every day. Or, if you have four memberships, you can have one employee and three clients meet and play. Plus, create exclusive leagues for your company or group. And, with this membership, you pay Elite Team member guest fees ($4 an hour) for any additional players! This membership option will be capped at 100 total members (15% already reserved).

Performance Team

Join the Performance Team for just $49 a month and receive 10 hours of play per month as part of the package. If you know you’re going to play that much (and – let’s be honest – you know you will!) that immediately saves you at least $11 a month. Plus, after you eclipse 10 hours in a month, you pay just $4 an hour, which is a $4 savings over non-member pricing.  Perhaps the greatest value comes in the ability to schedule court time 5 days in advance. That gives you a three-day jump on non-members! Additionally, you receive discounts on tournaments and leagues and the ability to participate in member-only leagues and clinics.

Performance Student Team

Student pickleballers! You are working hard and not getting compensated for it. We understand that, and proudly offer this student membership package to you. With this membership, all members 23 years old and younger (along with those with a valid student ID), receive all the benefits of the Performance Team at a discounted price. Plus, your court fees after 10 hours a month are just $3.50 an hour.

Non-Member Play

Although we’d love for you to eventually join the Performance Team, non-member play is also allowed and encouraged. We have priced our court fees well below other national facilities with the intention of giving you the Performance experience at an affordable price. Try it, and then join it!