Performance Pickleball - Pickleball Paradise in Richmond Virginia


Facility to Feature State-of-the-Art Audio and Video Matrix

August 31, 2023 

Richmond, VA – Performance Pickleball RVA has partnered with industry leader Omnitech to build a cutting-edge audio and video matrix for the dedicated pickleball facility. The system will include 27 large-screen televisions, 42 dedicated speakers, zone-controlled audio capability and networked coordination of all elements of the matrix.

“Outfitting PPBRVA with the most state-of-the-art audio and video matrix in the industry was of the utmost importance in the creation of pickleball paradise,” said PPBRVA COO Jon Laaser. “I have worked closely with Omnitech on previous large-scale projects including the Diamond, and I know firsthand the level of quality that they deliver.

Each of the 12 indoor courts at PPBRVA will feature its own 65” video screen. The screens will be strategically positioned for maximum visibility, allowing PPBRVA to display court matchups, tournament brackets, LED presentation and video content.

Additionally, the bar/restaurant will include seven big screen televisions (three 85” and four 75”), while the event space and check-in area will each be outfitted with 85” screens. Members and guests will be greeted by two 85” screens upon their entry to the facility.

“Imagine having the ability to project tournament matchups, review videos of lessons and clinics, place sponsor graphics throughout the facility, watch the pro pickleball tour or NFL games,” added Laaser. “That is the futuristic vision we are creating at Performance.”

PPBRVA will feature zone-controlled audio throughout the entire facility. The 12 courts will feature four specific zones, while the event space and bar/cafe will each be on separate audio zones. The two championship courts will feature stereo surround sound and wireless microphone capability allowing for exhibitions, instruction and top-level corporate events, tournaments and clinics. The entire matrix will be centrally controlled.

“With this system, we can deliver exactly what our players want,” said Laaser. “If you like music while you play…done. If you don’t, done. Beyond that, the ability to fracture audio will allow us to control decibel levels throughout the facility that creates an optimum audio level in all areas of the facility. I can’t wait for our players to experience it!”

Omnitech is owned and operated by Loring Wiggins, who is credited with building the finest A/V systems in the region, as well as being the leading engineer for live concert events throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

“The audio and video matrix we will build for PPBRVA will be on the cutting edge of what is technologically possible,” said Wiggins. “I’m thrilled to partner with Jon (Laaser) and his team once again to build a system capable of virtually anything in the entertainment and competition realm.”

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