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Anchor Agreement Creates New Standard in Pickleball

November 16, 2023

Richmond, VA – OrthoVirginia, Virginia’s largest orthopedic, sports medicine and physical therapy provider will boast a major presence in the preeminent pickleball facility in the state through a multi-year partnership. OrthoVirginia will proudly carry the distinction of “The Official Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Partner of Performance Pickleball RVA.”

The anchor partnership provides multiple regular opportunities for members and players at PPBRVA to learn about injury prevention, treatment and recovery from OrthoVirginia’s physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers.  OrthoVirginia and their urgent orthopedic care brand, Ortho On Call will be prominently displayed throughout the new state-of-the-art facility.

“When we green-lighted the building of pickleball paradise, my first call was to OrthoVirginia,” said PPBRVA COO Jon Laaser. “Given the unfortunate, but unavoidable, risk of injury in the sport, and OrthoVirginia’s standing as the premier orthopedic and sports medicine  provider in the region, this was a natural partnership.”

Through the partnership, OrthoVirginia will hold monthly “Ask the Expert” sessions with physicians and physical therapists. These interactive talks will educate players on proper stretching, injury prevention, medical innovation in injury treatment and prevalent topics as the sport continues to evolve.

Additionally, OrthoVirginia will title sponsor the Ortho Cup, showcase creative video tutorials on venue screens, have a major visual presence throughout the facility and will be involved in events throughout the year.

“OrthoVirginia wants to be involved in the active lifestyles of the Richmond community. One of the fastest growing sports is Pickleball and our partnership with PPBRVA is an example of how we are helping RVA residents stay healthy by keeping them active and on the courts,” said William Clinton, OrthoVirginia Central Region Executive Director. “Our goal is to educate people of all ages how to prevent injury, but if they are injured they know where to come for the best treatment that can get them quickly on the road to recovery.”

OrthoVirginia has two Ortho On Call orthopedic walk-in urgent care facilities (within .5 miles and 8 miles) that don’t require appointments and feature after hours and weekend access.

OrthoVirginia’s partnership elements, which include player-friendly acoustic paneling, will be in place for PPBRVA’s opening in December.

“We have been very intentional about the people, companies and brands we want aligned with PPBRVA,” Laaser added. “At the top of that list is OrthoVirginia. I can’t thank them enough for being willing to push the envelope on what is possible within the sport and this community. The resulting partnership will help create a premium experience for every single person who passes through our doors.”

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